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#425462 - 09/20/05 07:40 PM Sewer Lines
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I recently had a customer apply for a loan to repair a broken sewer line on their primary residence. The loan was to be secured by a car. I was just curious as to whether or not you would consider this a home improvement.

Just as an aside, we decided to classify it as a home improvement loan and therefore reported the HMDA information, but I was just curious as to what other banks would do in this situation.


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#425463 - 09/20/05 08:50 PM Re: Sewer Lines
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We would classify it as home improvement.
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#425464 - 09/20/05 10:23 PM Re: Sewer Lines
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#425465 - 09/20/05 11:31 PM Re: Sewer Lines
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We did a bunch of them a few years ago, but they were unsecured. We didn't claisfy them as home improvement deals. The guarantor was the utility company, with the loan in the name of the property owner.
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