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#44233 - 11/20/02 02:51 PM Lending Limits
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I have been asked to determine our lending limits, legally and statutory. We're an FDIC, state chartered bank.

Does anyone have a worksheet or program to calculate this on say a quarterly basis?

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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#44234 - 11/20/02 05:51 PM Re: Lending Limits

Check out Reg O and also your state regs.

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#44235 - 11/20/02 07:06 PM Re: Lending Limits
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Your state regs should govern this. FDIC doesn't. State of Wisconsin is 20% of capital stock, surplus, U/P, earnings,and unrealized gains/losses less intangibles.
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#44236 - 11/20/02 07:11 PM Re: Lending Limits
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I have a spreadsheet that I developed for use with D&O lending limits for FDIC/FED and for the State of GA. If you are interested in it (obviously you would have to modify for your state's requirements) I'd be more than happy to send you a copy if you like.

Our officers use this for regular borrower requirements to a point, but it is designed for D&O.
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#44237 - 11/20/02 08:07 PM Re: Lending Limits
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We are a state non-member savings bank that must follow the OCC Legal Lending Limits. Its just a straight 15% of core capital plus the ALLL. We calculate monthly and the board approves the number each month. We also track an internal lending limit, which is 67% of the legal lending limit.
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