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#444258 - 10/20/05 06:49 PM Customer Appreciation Day
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I am looking for ideas for customer appreciation day. Is anyone willing to share what their bank does? Cookies and free pencils seem a little inadequate.

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#444259 - 10/20/05 07:12 PM Re: Customer Appreciation Day
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We do a hot dog cookout in the parking lot. Hot dogs, brats, salads, pop. All the employees do the cooking and serving.

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#444260 - 10/20/05 08:04 PM Re: Customer Appreciation Day
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We have a Cust. App. Day once every month. Cookies, punch, balloons. When we're doing a product or promotional launch, we give away stuff - coins, hats, mugs, DVD players; you name it, we've given it away before.

This November we're doing a promotion where we're giving away turkeys! Yes, turkeys, butter ball turkeys! Freezer in the lobby, 7 foot inflatable turkey in the lobby. The jury is still out on how effective it will be. But so long as we have fun with it, the customers will too.

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#444261 - 10/21/05 03:49 AM Re: Customer Appreciation Day
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We have done the hotdog tailgate in conjunction with the big football game between our 2 state rival teams. We have also washed car windows in the drive-in and we've served hot chocolate in the drive-in. I've heard of a bank that does a movie night in their lobby.

You could do check card cash back for a day and give $1 per check card purchase. We are doing it for a month and giving a quarter for each purchase.

Can you tie it in with a charity event in your community? Like free tickets to the community playhouse or bring in a toy for a needy child and get a logo baseball hat. You could give away tickets to the local high school football game and have a special roped off section for your customers.

Free popcorn and soda is always good. You could do something for kids like come in wearing a Halloweeen costume and get a treat from the tellers. Or bring your report card and get a quarter for every A.

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