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#447725 - 10/27/05 01:04 PM Casual Fridays
RachelD Offline
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Does anyone have any fun themes they promote for casual fridays?

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Human Resources
#447726 - 10/27/05 01:37 PM Re: Casual Fridays
P*Q Offline

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We aren't allowed casual Fridays.

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#447727 - 10/27/05 01:40 PM Re: Casual Fridays
huntik Offline
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We have jean days were we donate to a special organization and get to wear jeans. This Friday is for breast cancer.
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#447728 - 10/27/05 01:46 PM Re: Casual Fridays
The Incredible ComplyGuy Offline
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The Incredible ComplyGuy
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The he11 of suburbia
* Formal Mondays
* Cross-dressing Tuesdays
* Historical reenactment Wednesdays
* Circus clown Thursdays
* Clothing-optional Fridays

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#447729 - 10/27/05 02:05 PM Re: Casual Fridays
Y M I Here Offline
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Y M I Here
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Every other Friday, we pay money to wear jeans. The money goes to some kind of charitable cause. We don't get a choice on tops, it's logo wear. No fun themes here!

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#447730 - 10/27/05 02:06 PM Re: Casual Fridays
RachelD Offline
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Wait did I post this in the cooler by mistake?????

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#447731 - 10/27/05 04:23 PM Re: Casual Fridays
Raiderette Offline
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New Mexico
If there is a holiday nearing, theme for the holiday... Or by other states "themes" ie: hawaiian, mardi gras...
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#447732 - 10/31/05 06:27 PM Re: Casual Fridays
I Wear Many Hats Offline
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I Wear Many Hats
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the beautiful state of ME
We do not generally have themes for Casual Fridays - but last year when the Red Sox were in the world series we did allow Red Sox logo apparel and we have done the same when the Patriots have been in the super bowl. Other than that, we allow casual apparel on Fridays for the fee of $1 - proceeds are directed to a different local charity each month - usually a small charity that doesn't generally get corporate doncations from the bank. In January or February we do a food drive in lieu of the $1.
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#447733 - 12/15/05 12:16 AM Re: Casual Fridays
Snowgirl Offline
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We have casual Fridays and I love them!!! We wear bank logo shirts from September through May. In summer we can wear shirts of our choice as well as ankle length pants, no nylons and sandals. In December we can wear Holiday shirts in lieu of the logo shirts. During Halloween, we dress up if we want to. During our annual rodeo, we dress western for the week. We have a fun place!

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