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#448269 - 10/27/05 05:59 PM Development resources for Written communication
Susan Offline
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South Dakota
I am supervising an employee whose written communication skills are mediocre to poor. Having a BA in English, this drives me CRAZY. Aside from the personal irritation, it does reflect unfavorably on the bank. Wondering if anyone has any resources I can use to help develop this individual's skills (including spelling).

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Human Resources
#448270 - 10/27/05 06:27 PM Re: Development resources for Written communication

spell checker

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#448271 - 10/27/05 06:59 PM Re: Development resources for Written communication
Raiderette Offline
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New Mexico
Maybe suggest to him/her that there are classes available at the local college. Also let the employee know that the bank may pick up the charge.
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#448272 - 10/27/05 09:53 PM Re: Development resources for Written communication
TX Ladybug Offline
TX Ladybug
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Go to These are Fred Pryor Training Seminars/books/etc.
Under Communications, there is a course titled "Mistake Free Grammar and Proofreading. I have not taken this particular course, but have been to several other seminars through this organization and they were satisfactory.

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#448273 - 10/28/05 01:07 PM Re: Development resources for Written communication
The Incredible ComplyGuy Offline
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The Incredible ComplyGuy
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If you have the time to spend with him/her, give him/her responsibilities that require a lot of writing. You will need to spend lots of time in review/critique, however there's no better way to learn than by doing. Early in my banking career, I was given the opportunity to write sections of our press releases and annual reports; writing that got heavy scrutiny. As time went on, there was less and less red ink on my drafts until I became a fairly decent writer. I learned more from this than from all the English classes I took in grade school, high school, and college.

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