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#448869 - 10/28/05 03:12 PM "Internet Bank"

I realy need guidance from all those wonderful GURUS. Can you provide information on creating an Internet Bank? This is a nightmare.

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#448870 - 10/28/05 04:53 PM Re: "Internet Bank"

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#448871 - 10/28/05 07:29 PM Re: "Internet Bank"
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1999 book. In cyberspace, that is ancient!
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#448872 - 03/22/06 02:50 PM Re: "Internet Bank"
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Also, this handbook is for guidance on banking over the Internet, not setting up an Internet Bank. Some overlap, but probably not what the original poster is looking for.
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#448873 - 03/22/06 10:03 PM Re: "Internet Bank"
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Are you setting up an "internet bank" within an existing bank, essentially a "trading as" name just for the internet or just setting up internet banking? If so, you should review all of the FFIEC guidance, as well as the old OCC booklet, make sure you are meeting current expectations.

You can also contact your regulator for guidance.

If you are setting up a totally internet bank, chartered as such, you need to start with our regulator. I am guessing you are doing the first, because you wouldn't be this far with a newly chartered internet bank without this knowledge.
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