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#452740 - 11/04/05 08:36 PM Address Change w/out customer signature
Ms Auditor Offline
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Upstate NY
Just wondering how other banker's feel about allowing a customer to request an address change without signing an address change form. In this case a notification of the address change would be sent to the old address. Trying to get some opinions.

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General Discussion
#452741 - 11/04/05 09:18 PM Re: Address Change w/out customer signature

I would never change address without written authorization. We had an instance where a soon to be ex had his girlfriend call to change the address and then used the info in divorce regarding money settlement. Our customer was angry and rightfully so. I didn't do it, but my employee did. Since then rule is...never without signature and verify that signature to the sig card

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#452742 - 11/05/05 01:51 AM Re: Address Change w/out customer signature
Banker Boy Offline
Banker Boy
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We do allow address changes without a signature. They can be accepted via telephone but only through our Security Department.

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#452743 - 11/05/05 02:05 AM Re: Address Change w/out customer signature
CubDave Offline
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We allow it - only for the primary owner and we send out a confirmation to old address too.

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#452744 - 11/07/05 02:11 PM Re: Address Change w/out customer signature
Jokerman Offline
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One control that you can employ in place of requiring a signature would be to send a confirmation to the old address and the new address.

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