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#455838 - 11/10/05 09:37 PM Statue of Limitations: Forgery
NY2004 Offline
Joined: Feb 2004
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Is it 1 year or 3 for NY? I have a customer telling me a check of his from 9/04 was forged. Do I have to honor his claim?

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#455839 - 11/14/05 05:41 PM Re: Statue of Limitations: Forgery
Security Guy Offline
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Joined: Oct 2004
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Upstate N.Y.
I believe that it is 3 years on endorsement forgery, but it is closer to 1 year on maker forgery, and could be less, depending on the verbiage in your disclosure statement or what is printed on the customer's monthly statement. If I had someone coming back to me more than a year after a maker forgery, I would not honor their claim, unless there were extenuating circumstances, and even then, probably no reimbursement.

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