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#457634 - 11/16/05 04:39 PM Materials mentioning deposit, loan and NDIPs

We have marketing materials describing the range of Private Banking Services that we provide, including deposit, loan and NDIPs - all on the same page. Should the literature include the Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender AND the NDIP (i.e., not guaranteed by any bank, etc) disclosures all on the same page?

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#457635 - 11/17/05 07:51 PM Re: Materials mentioning deposit, loan and NDIPs
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John Burnett
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Yes. And be very sure that you've done something to very clearly distinguish the deposits from the NDIPs. The FDIC is particularly ticklish on this issue, and merely annotating that specific products are NDIPs isn't adequate. You should keep the two in separate sections of the materials, with a clear boundary between them.
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#457636 - 11/17/05 07:52 PM Re: Materials mentioning deposit, loan and NDIPs
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The NDIP needs to be segregated so that it does not appear that it is also FDIC insured. That disclosure is required because of the deposit ad. In most case it is easier to separate the ads. If you can't, make darn sure the reader knows these are separate.
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#653841 - 12/18/06 09:05 PM Re: Materials mentioning deposit, loan and NDIPs Andy_Z
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M Cockrell
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Are NDIP requirements only applicable to retail customers (AKA "consumers")?

If a brochure insert is specifically geared toward (non-retail) commercial clients ONLY, but has both insured & non-insured products/services listed, do the products/services need to be "segregated" and the insert include the "minimum disclosure" information?
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