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#48465 - 12/13/02 06:39 PM Re: Messenger Service
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There is a local community (FDIC) bank that posted on a billboard that they would pick up commercial deposits....I thought that was awfully brave.
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#48466 - 03/07/03 07:34 PM Re: Messenger Service
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Patsy Cline
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I've been searching to find answers... and I found this earlier discussion. We have a courier that the bank employs. Customers can call for a pick-up or else have regularly scheduled pick ups. It involves a secured plastic bag that the customer initials. When delivered to the branch the courier initials a log.

There is no agreement. We are a National Bank.

From what I understand we are okay?

Thank you in advance!
Michelle CRCM

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#48467 - 03/07/03 08:01 PM Re: Messenger Service
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Have you considered your activities as compared to the discussions by Grist and Zaibatsu (where is Z any way?) and 12 CFR ยง7.1012 Messenger service, as well as 12 USC 36(j)?

In an issue this important, if you have any doubts and this is your responsibility, consult counsel.

What you describe is picking up deposits. I have not researched the finer points of this or looked for legal opinions. But this can be dangerously close to a branch without the right mechanisms in place. And while I hold the highest respect for my BOL peers, I will not go to court and log on to this forum as evidence of legal facts.
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