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#491161 - 01/31/06 08:41 PM Real-time Online Banking Question
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Are IB provider claims to be realtime, but essentially passes memo-posts to an IB server that they manage. The problem we have, is that not all transaction types get passed.

My question is, isn't a realtime solution typically going back to the core when a customer logs in to get the account and transaction data? I'm under the impression that this is how most realtime IB products work...

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#491162 - 01/31/06 09:11 PM Re: Real-time Online Banking Question
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My understanding is that it involves an MQ process that allows your online banking system to talk with your core system and basically be able to translate, for example, items in your ACH warehouse system and/or teller terminal system so that today's activites (deposits, ACH debits and credits) are posted real time in your online system as opposed to after nightly processing.

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#491163 - 02/10/06 05:22 PM Re: Real-time Online Banking Question
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Anything that shows as a memo post in our core system shows up as an upcoming transaction. It moves to the detail summary once it is completely processed. However, it does affect the available balance and adjusts that so the customer can see that they have less (or more) available than their current balance shows.

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