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#498879 - 02/14/06 07:56 PM Does your bank have a SAS 70 for its ISP?
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I am doing a current audit and the program is telling me to obtain a SAS 70 for our internet service provider. I've been searching online and I can't even find out if Verizon undergoes a SAS 70 review. The closest I got was finding out that VeriSign undergoes one (our webiste also uses its service). Any guidance/suggestions?
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#498880 - 02/14/06 08:08 PM Re: Does your bank have a SAS 70 for its ISP?
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I came across the need for one in a different audit. I contacted the COO at the organization providing the service. You might try contacting your rep to get the name and contact of someone in the Accounting area who would know such things.

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#498881 - 02/14/06 08:11 PM Re: Does your bank have a SAS 70 for its ISP?
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Verizon is a fairly large company and probably has a SAS70, but you will probably need to call or email them to request it. State you are the internal auditor and that you need to review it. They may have a couple different ones, so let them know they provide your ISP so they know which one to send (we recieve 2 different ones from Fiserv for the different services we receive). And don't let them charge you for a copy either--I think that is lame, but when we asked for a copy of Qwest's (I think it was them) they wanted to charge us for it.
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#498882 - 02/17/06 07:43 PM Re: Does your bank have a SAS 70 for its ISP?
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We request them.
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