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#50692 - 12/26/02 06:18 PM Size of Internal Audit Staff

Our bank is a $700 million bank. I'm trying to get ideas on sizing of the Internal Audit staff. We currently have one auditor and one clerk. Can you give me some ideas as to the size of your Internal Audit Staff?

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#50693 - 12/26/02 06:51 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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$350 million asset bank, with no trust department. Majority of assets are in commercial loans, but very consumer oriented on deposit side.

We have one Audit Manager, the chief audit executive, reporting to the Audit Committee. We also have one staff auditor.
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#50694 - 12/26/02 07:14 PM Size of Internal Audit Staff
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We are approaching $250 million with 8 offices. It's just me and I double as compliance officer. We do have an Audit Committee comprised of members of the Board.


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#50695 - 12/26/02 07:26 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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$350 million, 8 branches, 4 loan centers, 1 auditor - yours truly
I also test all compliance. No trust dept and commercial loans are done externally.
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#50696 - 12/26/02 07:43 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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250MM bank, 2 branches, 1 trust dept., and me, the lonely auditor and compliance officer (who is looking for one more person to assist). I report quarterly to Audit Committee composed entirely of outside independent Directors.
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#50697 - 12/26/02 07:48 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff

$1 billion plus; l compliance officer and 1 assistant; internal audit dept. has 4 employees of which 3 are CPA's.

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#50698 - 12/26/02 07:49 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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Everyone could chime in with a wide variety of answers and they all could be right sized. I don't know how much good these answers will do you unless you know how they have structured their total internal control processes. If you decentralize internal controls, you could do it with one person, if you didn't, you might need a dozen. It all depends on your bank's internal control philosophy.
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#50699 - 12/26/02 07:50 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff

I fogot to add. We have 26 banking centers, trust department and large mortgage department.

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#50700 - 12/26/02 08:26 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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We are a 2 billion dollar Bank with 34 branches, a Trust Department, an insurance agency, and a commercial leasing subsidiary. We have three auditors. However, we discontinued conducting branch audits a few years ago - that is now done by our Retail division. We have a Chief auditor, one auditor who performs administrative audits, and one who performs compliance audits. We (Regualtory Management) work very closely with the audit department and often they will rely on our monitoring reports when deciding the scope of their compliance audits.
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#50701 - 12/27/02 08:12 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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I work for a multi-bank holding company. We have six separately chartered banks. Total assets in holding company is over 1.2Billion. We have one auditor and assistant, and 1 compliance officer (myself and assistant). We also have an audit committee we report to.

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#50702 - 12/28/02 09:42 PM Re: Size of Internal Audit Staff
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Who's your regulator?
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