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#52391 - 01/06/03 09:17 PM PACS

Is anyone using the PACS (Patriot Act Communication System)
through Us Treasury/FinCEN to complete and file CTRs online?
I have enrolled for our bank and printed off the user manual but would like to hear if anyone has any firsthand experience using PACS.
I'm new to BSA and trying to find more efficient ways to handle CTR completion, review and filing.
Any comments would be appreciated.

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General Discussion
#52392 - 01/06/03 10:07 PM Re: PACS
Doris Offline
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South Carolina
I have been using for several months. Makes it a lot easier in filing.

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#52393 - 01/07/03 02:55 AM Re: PACS
cbinder63 Offline

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We use it, and I love it. I have each branch (7 of them) fill in the CTR and save to a network folder. I open it up, verify, digitally sign and send to FINCEN. You have 2 receipts within minutes, and a receipt the next day from FINCEN as well. Corrections are just as easy. A CTR can be completed in less than a minute (use pre-saved forms) this way, even for multiple person or multiple account transactions.
Opinions expressed are my own.

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#52394 - 01/07/03 12:23 PM Re: PACS
JMB Offline
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What, something from the government that we love????? Is there something wrong with this picture?

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