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#531716 - 04/13/06 06:49 PM Record Retention
CrashDavis Offline
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I have a question regarding record retention of policies and forms. When we change the BSA policy or forms, how long should we keep the old policy in a file? Is it necessary to keep these policies once the policies have changed?

I am referring to BSA Policies and Procedures and also blank Monetary Instrument Logs.

Thanks for your assistance.

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#531717 - 04/21/06 03:31 AM Re: Record Retention
rlcarey Online
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The approved BSA policies and procedures, since they are required to be board approved, should remain as exhibits to the minutes and would require permanent retention.

Monetary logs - no.
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#531718 - 04/21/06 06:42 AM Re: Record Retention
Kathleen O. Blanchard Offline

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Kathleen O. Blanchard
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Many companies, not just banks, retain files of prior policies and procedures as a historical record. It is a good practice. Sometimes policies and procedures from several years ago are needed to resolve a question or as evidence in a court case. They are a corporate record. Yes, they should be maintained with the board records. But the BSA area should retain a copy of all prior policies and procedures.
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