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#533114 - 04/18/06 03:32 PM Reg F question
IA Offline
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Reg F has requirements for a bank's exposure to a correspondent bank. In the reg exposure is defined as, "the potential that an obligation will not be paid in a timely manner or in full." So my question is, if my bank were to hold a $100,000 CD deposit with another bank, would this need to be monitored under Reg F since FDIC insurance would cover the deposit?


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Operations Compliance
#533115 - 04/18/06 03:46 PM Re: Reg F question
Raymond Offline
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In my humble opinion, no it would not have to be monitored.

At a previous bank, we had a $100K CD for another bank on deposit. The examiners never said a thing and the other bank didn't either.

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