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#534553 - 04/21/06 01:46 PM BSA Training
CrashDavis Offline
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Is it a requirement for the BSA Officer to have annual BSA training. I went to a seminar in 2005 when I took over this responsibility. In 2006, I am not scheduled to go to a seminar. I did visit a bank comparable to our size and reivew their procedures and I also go to a meeting quarterly of compliance officers in the state for a 3 hour meeting covering several topics. Some do not pertain to my area. Is this sufficient.

Thanks for your commments

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#534554 - 04/21/06 01:53 PM Re: BSA Training
P*Q Offline

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I do know that in addition to examiners checking to see that staff is trained every year, they do ask for details on the training I've participated in each year. If you can't get out of the office, register for a BOL webinar.

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#534555 - 04/24/06 01:49 PM Re: BSA Training
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They also want to see thta others besides front line staff have training, for instance: wire dept., servicing and originations.
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#534556 - 04/24/06 02:17 PM Re: BSA Training
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The examiners always ask us for the the list of seminars attended and other training that the BSA department staff have had.

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#534557 - 04/24/06 02:36 PM Re: BSA Training
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There ara many ways in which you can receive training without leaving town for a seminar. As Pizza Queen stated, therer are many fine BOL web seminars that provide much useful info for both you and others in your organization. There are also many publications that you can sign up for, some free and some at a cost, such as Money Laundering Alert that send newsletters that you can add to your "training library". Some of the local ACAMS chapters also hold meetings, after hours, that can be considered as training.

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#534558 - 04/24/06 03:38 PM Re: BSA Training
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I'm starting my Fed Reserve Exam today, and the questionare specifically asked what training BSA Staff had received over the past reporting period. I listed all the the training both webinars and face to face (quite honestly I was kinda surprized how much training we did - it was a lot), so just FYI.
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