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#535126 - 04/24/06 03:13 PM Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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I would like the opinion of others:

Does your institution currently provide training online or is leaning towards implementing it? Does your instition address fraud prevention? We currently provide compliance training, but don't address fraud.

I'm specfically interested in community banks.


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#535127 - 04/24/06 03:16 PM Re: Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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We're a community Bank and we've discussed fraud during our annual security training, not BSA training. We implemented on-line security training for this year and I don't believe that fraud is covered so we'll most likely continue to cover this topic during in person staff meetings.

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#535128 - 04/24/06 03:35 PM Re: Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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We provide both face-to-face for overall program training, and then a multitude of on-line training for the rest of our compliance program.

It works well for us. We are a larger community bank.
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#535129 - 04/24/06 04:13 PM Re: Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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We do online training as a component of our total training program. When we signed up for an online program, we used them almost exclusively. It was great for a few months, then it quit working. We discovered that we could not rely on one method of training to satisfy our needs. Not everyone has the same learning style. Also, the topic may not lend itself to online methods. For example, Reg CC is so-o-o-o much better in person, you can dialog and have interactive discussion. Whereas, for high level management overviews, online methods can get information out quickly without tying up staff for long meetings.

A blended approach is working well for us. Plus we alternate in-person and online training from year to year for things like security training.

We are in the process of rolling out a total training program for the entire institution and it uses a combination of online, in-house, seminars, computer based, video and audio training. We also have partnered with our local vocational-technical center who has been an excellent resource for all kinds of training.
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#535130 - 04/24/06 07:29 PM Re: Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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IMHO online training can be wonderful, especially when combined with internal, face-to-face, training.

Especially in areas like BSA, if you are using a product that is online for training and are not utilizing internal training as well, you are most likely not covering the area fully as you are leaving out the direct policies and procedures for your institution. This also applies to other areas that leave room for management decisions, such as Reg CC.
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#535131 - 04/25/06 03:19 AM Re: Online v. Face-to-Face Training
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I will "third" the motion that on-line training works best if you combine it with other methods of delivery that are more customized to your institution.

It has been my experience that on-line training is good for:
1. Provides a nice background and foundation on regulatory matters.
2. Provides a nice training record - complete with scores - that are easy to show to your examiners.
3. Is one way that you can at least provide/show training for certain people that are almost impossible to get into "in-person" training.

However, as pointed out in prior posts, on-line training in and of itself is not going to be your "magic bullet" that will take care of all of your training needs. The problem in most cases is that your institution has forms, and procedures, and department names and protocols, and individual policy choices that are not going to be covered in an on-line program unless you do extensive (or expensive) modifications and customization.

Even then, some people need that "interaction" that in-person training can provide.
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