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#541310 - 05/01/06 10:59 PM Training Logs
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Does anyone know the period of time that you are to keep your training logs?

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#541311 - 05/02/06 01:56 PM Re: Training Logs
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No official time period. What I've always done is to trash the logs after our compliance exam in which this was requested.
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#541312 - 05/02/06 01:58 PM Re: Training Logs
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Kathleen O. Blanchard
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I would retain prior exam, and get rid of that after next exam - I have had them ask for info in between exams. You just never know.
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#541313 - 05/02/06 02:01 PM Re: Training Logs
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I agree that after a compliance exam, most information is probably not needed - we're already working on the next exam - but I've always wondered about other training that might be get brought up in a disciplinary action or legal matter - such as robbery, sexual harassment training - I've always felt I should hang on to those logs for as long as possible - thoughts on that topic?
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#541314 - 05/02/06 03:36 PM Training Logs
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I would have to agree with the others- If you've gone through a regulatory exam and your training was reviewed there would be no other need, unless for peace of mind. Should you go through an external audit after an exam I would indicate it was just reviewed. You could also file them in storage with an 18-24 month retention schedule if you felt you wanted to go this route.

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