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#544996 - 05/09/06 01:00 PM Licensed Bank Employees
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We are looking at having our new accounts reps get licensed to sell investment products and insurance. Can someone help me by giving me a starting point with what I need to consider from a compliance standpoint?

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#544997 - 05/09/06 09:01 PM Re: Licensed Bank Employees
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This isn't really my area, so take it with a grain of salt, but I thought you couldn't mix personnel for deposit and nondeposit products, because of the danger of confusing customers about FDIC insurance. If I'm right, licensing doesn't come into it; the same person cannot do both.
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#544998 - 05/09/06 09:03 PM Re: Licensed Bank Employees
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Non-deposit sales must be kept separate. They even must be physically separated from FDIC insured products. Brochures are not even supposed to be next to each other.

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#544999 - 05/10/06 11:09 AM Re: Licensed Bank Employees
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#545000 - 05/10/06 04:09 PM Re: Licensed Bank Employees
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Your state may have input on this as well.

In Texas, as a Banking Center Manager - who did new accounts and loans, I was also licensed (Series 7) for insurance sales, which allowed me to sell fized annuities.
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#545001 - 05/10/06 08:36 PM Re: Licensed Bank Employees
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At a former institution I worked for, we sold investments and were licensed plus with sold the normal products that the institution had from the same desk. While we were discussing investments that were not insured, we had to place a sign on our desk stating the normal, no guarantee, not insured, may lose value and remove our NCUA sign. Then when we were no longer speaking about investments, we would remove one sign and put up the NCUA sign. It worked pretty well.

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