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#547370 - 05/12/06 06:05 PM Flood Question
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I think this question has been discussed here before but I can't find it. Are there any exceptions in the Flood Insurance Regulation that exempt the Amish from purchasing flood insurance? I can't find any but would someone please confirm that is the case.

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#547371 - 05/12/06 06:14 PM Re: Flood Question
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I know there is an issue that they are self insured, and I believe you can make that safety and soundness decision on your own for hazard requirements, but don't believe that the self insurance satisfies the flood requirements. (I don't have any support, but hopefully someone will chime in shortly)

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#547372 - 05/12/06 08:32 PM Re: Flood Question
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If you do a search using +amish +flood you will find several previous discussions.

Click here for one discussion to get you started.
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#547373 - 05/12/06 08:35 PM Re: Flood Question
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We have "Amish Aid" "insurance" that the bishops sign but only on the p & c side - it cannot be used for flood insurance requirements. There is no exemption because they are Amish so a flood policy would have to be purchased.

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#547374 - 05/12/06 08:48 PM Re: Flood Question
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Agree with doodles. Here in PA (and other states) banks get a letter that serves in lieu of hazard insurance, but no dice for flood insurance.
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