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#56392 - 01/23/03 10:35 PM No-Call Rules for Wisconsin
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Does anyone know how to register as a telephone solicitor under Wisconsin's new no-call rules?? I recently participated in WBA's telephone seminar on the subject, which was great but didn't tell us how to sign up.

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#56393 - 01/24/03 02:42 PM Re: No-Call Rules for Wisconsin
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Yesterday I was doing some research on this for a number of states. According to your Attorney General's website, the no-call list rule was to have had a hearing last May. No mention was made of the actual rollout date. Lack of publicity on the AG website (believe me, the AG's will 'advertise' it!) leads me to conclude the final rule is not yet out. But don't take my word for it, I'm a thousand miles away. You might want to call the AG's office just to be certain.
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#56394 - 01/24/03 08:14 PM Re: No-Call Rules for Wisconsin
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Try this site https://nocall.wisconsin.gov/web/home.asp.

There are a couple links in there that can help you. The one for the telemarketer online application simply states that there will be an application available by fall 2002. They still haven't updated that.

However, there are other links within there that provide phone numbers and addresses of who to contact.

Hope that helps.

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#56395 - 03/11/03 08:31 PM Re: No-Call Rules for Wisconsin

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