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#571944 - 06/22/06 01:50 PM Incomplete Deposit Slips
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Just wondering how other banks handle incomplete deposit slips...if customer only writes in deposit amount do your tellers complete the form with date and if counter deposit slip write customer/account name on deposit slip? Thanks for input.

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#571945 - 06/22/06 03:15 PM Re: Incomplete Deposit Slips
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Wow, you've hit on a pet peeve of mine - I have real issues with tellers that send the slip back and <TELL> the customer to complete it.
I recommend our staff complete the slip for the customer, with any missing information and then politely ask the customer to initial and/or sign any added/changed information -

<RANT WARNING> With all of the competition out there in our industry, it is just beyond me the employees/supervisors that "think" our policy is that we don't help the customer - hello????? In my mind it takes just as much time to explain to the customer what you need them to do, then if we just do it.
Then once complete, a nice smile and "what else may I help you with today?" - that's where I would rather bank.

<END of RANT> - sorry

I don't have any problem with my tellers completing deposit tickets as long as the customer acknowledges it - initials or signs - keeps the heat off our staff.

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