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#588190 - 07/25/06 07:09 PM Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
Skittles Online
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Joined: Sep 2002
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Thanks so much to Waldensouth and the GBA for a great Compliance Peer Group meeting today in Macon. I encourage anyone who didn't attend the first to make arrangements to attend the next meeting! AND I got to meet several BOL posters at the same time.
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#588191 - 07/25/06 10:07 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
Auditman Offline
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Joined: Nov 2004
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I would like to add my thanks also. I believe this will be a great help to us -- and I need all the help I can get!

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#588192 - 07/25/06 10:58 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
deltadawn Offline
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I am new to Bankersonline. I have to say that I never heard of it until today's meeting. I am relatively new to Compliance but I learned a lot today. The speakers were very good and Kevin was easy on the eye too!!! Seriously, I look forward to future meetings and learning as much as possible from all of you. Quite frankly, this first meeting exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the organizers!

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#588193 - 07/26/06 12:07 AM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
Jan94 Offline
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I'm just sorry I had to miss it today, but glad to hear it went well and I'm definitely planning on attending in the future.

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#588194 - 07/26/06 12:34 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
Bagweaver Offline
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Great meeting. Looking forward to more meetings in the future.

Thanks Waldensouth and GBA.
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#588195 - 07/26/06 01:29 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
waldensouth Offline
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You're most welcome. It was a great deal of fun! I really enjoyed getting to meet a number of you face to face. Sorry you couldn't make it Halito, I was looking forward to meeting you as well. It appears that this will be a quarterly function for the time being so perhaps others can make it in future.
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#588196 - 07/26/06 02:08 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
RR Joker Offline
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RR Joker
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The Swamp
Wow, what a great crowd that turned out for the first meeting! So nice to meet Waldensouth, Skittles and Auditman in person. Great to put a "name" with a face! Noticed a LARGE number of BOL'ers were there albeit remaining my curiousity has got the best of meeting maybe we can meet more of our BOL compadres~!
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#588197 - 07/26/06 05:39 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA

I agree that it was a great meeting and wonderful opportunity to share information, meet new and old friends. Can't wait for the next one!

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#588198 - 07/26/06 08:35 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
LauraL Offline
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I feel I must put in my two cents as well. I really enjoyed the meeting and I loved putting a face with a "name", especially for waldensouth and skittles, who have both helped me out numerous times.

Kudos waldensouth and GBA. I think this is the beginning of a great organization.
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#588199 - 07/27/06 05:46 PM Re: Kudos to Waldensouth & GBA
ldsnanny3 Offline
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Thanks Waldensouth for getting this started. It was great to meet you and good to see you again Skittles. Thanks also to GBA for all you do as well. That was one of the best meetings I have attended in a while. I really enjoyed the layed back and open discussion and Bonnie and Kevin did a great job also. I'm really looking forward to our quarterly meetings.

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