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#59115 - 02/04/03 09:41 PM Trust Auditing

I am needing to start a trust audit program for a bank and am in need of some help as to how to get started. Does anyone have any examples of trust audit policies, procedures or ICQs that may be of help to me?

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#59116 - 02/05/03 12:50 PM Re: Trust Auditing
SkyDiver Offline
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A good source is OCC's Trust Handbooks available online at OCC's website. Even if your financial institution is not a National bank, the OCC information is very helpful.

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#59117 - 02/05/03 02:34 PM Re: Trust Auditing
KSK Offline
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Stu, You are correct, the OCC Handbook series are a good resource. Even though we are a National Bank with the OCC as our primary regulator, I also frequently refer to the FDIC and OTS Handbooks as well. They all have good information in them, each with a little different perspective.

Another resource is the Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management Association (aka FIRMA). This organization specializes in fiduciary/brokerage/investment adviser audit, compliance, and risk management activities. Their web address is: MBG is a regular speaker at the annual conference and has been instrumental in in the development of the website.

The American Bankers Association has a Trust Section headed by Sara (Sally) Miller that is a great resource. The ABA's web address is:

An finally, if actual training is what you are looking for, the Cannon Financial Institute has a terrific certification program for trust audit and compliance professionals. Their web address is:

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#59118 - 02/06/03 03:00 PM Re: Trust Auditing
Jay Offline
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Not to endorse anyone, but when we opened our trust department in 94, I attended a BAI seminar specifically on trust auditing. I received some pratical audit steps as well as some contacts. Then I started the audit and I really developed the audit program after that. But as the others mentioned your regulators website should also offer some key info.

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#59119 - 02/26/03 03:03 PM Re: Trust Auditing

Cannon Financial Institute offers fantastic week long courses on Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management and Trust Auditing.

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