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#591182 - 07/31/06 08:44 PM Risk Assessment
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During our latest exam(BSA)by OTS, we were instructed to do a full risk assessment. We are a small bank with only 2 other branches, about 195 million in assets and in a low risk area. Does anyone have a tool to help with this process?

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#591183 - 07/31/06 09:11 PM Re: Risk Assessment
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i havent read it yet, but i hear the new ffiec bsa exam manual has more information on the risk assessment portion of compliance.

i've also heard, but did not use, that the BOL webinar (which can be purchased on cd?) on the BSA risk assessment was fairly helpful.

i contacted the BSA officer at a local comminuty bank and met with her to talk about her risk assessment and what has worked/not worked and what the examiners thought about hers.

i was also lucky enough to find someone at the occ who is willign to go over what i have for my risk assessment. i meet with him next week and am excited and nervous to hear what he has to say about it. if i hear anything good i'll be sure to post it here.
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#591184 - 08/01/06 12:23 PM Re: Risk Assessment
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I do recommend the BOL webinar CD on BSA/AML Risk Assessment by Ken. It was extremely helpful. Also, try looking at the BOL tools section under AML, there may be some things there too.

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#591185 - 08/01/06 01:14 PM Re: Risk Assessment
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See Appendix J in the BSA Exam Manual and I also recommend the BOL webinar.
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#591186 - 08/01/06 02:26 PM Re: Risk Assessment
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Send me a private message and I will send you a sample that we use for our smaller community banks.
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