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#59561 - 02/06/03 02:55 PM Trust dept info
Jay Offline
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I'm looking for comparison information for trust departments. Does anyone know of where I can get asset size, account breakdown, employee staffing etc for a particular geographic area or by asset size?

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General Discussion
#59562 - 02/06/03 03:58 PM Re: Trust dept info
KSK Offline
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Schedule RC-T Data should be available from the FDIC for 2001. Data for 2002 I wouldn't think will be available for at least another month or two.

Even at that, that data probably won't give you what you are looking for. The next best source is Shesenouf (sp?) and their Trust Compare Product. I don't know the cost of that product but I do recall from having been invlved inproviding input several years ago that it is extremely comprehensive data.

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