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#59575 - 02/06/03 03:44 PM Patriot Act
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An elderly couple in our area always pays their insurance by money order. Their insurance company told them they will no longer be able to accept money orders or Cashier's Checks as payment because of the Patriot Act. Can anyone tell me if or where the Patriot Act prohibits the use of money orders and Cashier's Checks?

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#59576 - 02/06/03 04:07 PM Re: Patriot Act
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I'm not aware that it does, so I'd guess that the insurance company thinks that it will be easier to ensure their own compliance with the Patriot Act by not accepting them.
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#59577 - 02/06/03 04:10 PM Re: Patriot Act
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Unless I'm missing something, I think the insurance company is blowing smoke (or smoking an illicit substance). I'm not aware of any reason not to accept money orders or cashier's checks in payment for insurance premiums.

The insurance company may have concerns with accepting large payments (single premium annuities, etc.) because they might have CTR filing requirements, but I don't see the issue with garden-variety payments.
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