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#60353 - 02/11/03 12:56 PM Senate Bill 1165
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I think that this is old news, but I can't find any postings on this.

I was given a copy of this act which appears to have been passed in April 2002. It looks as though the school taxes in Michigan will now be collected in the summer (if they are not already). (Unless the city or township passed a resolution prior to Nov 1, 2002 stating that they would do otherwise.) Does anyone know of a central list of those cities and townships who may have passed a resolution?

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#60354 - 02/11/03 02:09 PM Re: Senate Bill 1165
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Here's a link to the act itself - PA 244 of 2002, effective 4-30-02:

I haven't heard about any townships passing specific ordinances, or any kind of centralized list - although I think it's a great idea. A place to start might be your escrow department - the ladies at my shop know all kinds of interesting stuff...
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#60355 - 02/11/03 03:07 PM Re: Senate Bill 1165
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I do not know of any such list. The bill is briefly described on the state government web site at State web page . Evidently, tax bills will be reduced by one mill as well.
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