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#60919 - 02/12/03 08:54 PM ITI Banks-questions
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I have two questions for anyone using ITI.

1. Do you have your commercial or small business loans on ITI? Do you ever have loans with a split rating (some part substandard and a part doubtful)? If so, how do you monitor...will ITI handle that split rating for you or do you track manually.

2. Regarding CTR monitoring and reporting (as well as anti-money laundering/BSA)....are your branch deposits batched and does it come through on the CTS reports as batched, making it difficult to tell if a customer has gone to several branches on the same day structuring deposits?
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#60920 - 02/13/03 05:00 PM Re: ITI Banks-questions
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I can tell you what our bank does on your 1st question. As of now, ITI can't handle a split rating on a note so we handle them manually. Fortunately we are a smaller bank (90MM). Our banks watch list is in an excel spread and that's where I show if there are split ratings. Our bank is a beta site (test site) for the new ITI release and it looks like in the new enhancements that we will be able to split out ratings for a note. We haven't tested that yet but at least it looks like ITI is working on something for us.

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#60921 - 02/15/03 03:44 AM Re: ITI Banks-questions
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Kblanchard, in reference to your second question, we are an ITI bank and the report I use for CTR monitoring and money laundering lists all deposits and withdrawals individually grouped by TIN number. I can tell which branches transactions were handled through because the branch number is built into the Teller's GL number.

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