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#625573 - 10/16/06 09:43 PM Adult Financial Abuse Reporting- Record retention?
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This may be a California-specific question (SB1018, "FEAR Act")...

Does it say anywhere in the law how long a financial institution must keep a written report SOC 341 on file after submission to APS or law enforcement? I'd liek to include this in my procedures.

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#625574 - 10/17/06 07:32 PM Re: Adult Financial Abuse Reporting- Record retention?
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I don't know if you are an ABA member, but whether you are or not, ABA has a telephone briefing scheduled for tomorrow (10/18/2006) at 2 EDT on this topic. We are going to discuss elder financial abuse in general, but Leland Chan, General Counsel for the California Bankers Association is going to talk specifically about the California law. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered that are not addressed in the briefing. You can register here: http://online.krm.com/iebms/reg/reg_p1_form.aspx?oc=10&ct=0018458&eventid=12005
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