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#628908 - 10/25/06 01:26 PM Patriot Officer vs. "BAM"
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I am looking at AML software products and have narrowed it down to Patriot Officer vs. the Banker's Toolbox BAM product. I was wondering if anyone has also looked at both and has any comments about how they compare?

We are a Fiserv bank so Patriot Officer would be the easiest choice from an interface standpoint, but I don't want to choose it just for that reason. I like the looks of BAM but it may end up costing more and I want to be sure it is worth it.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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#628909 - 10/25/06 01:29 PM Re: Patriot Officer vs. "BAM"
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We have Kirchman (Metavante) and Patriot Officer. We had this same issue because we were very unhappy with the customer service from Global Vision - they are very unorganized and it is hard to get anyone on the phone. We looked at other systems and considered dropping this one. After careful consideration, we have decided to go with Patriot Officer and have in-house training scheduled for all of next week.

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#628910 - 10/25/06 02:52 PM Re: Patriot Officer vs. "BAM"
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Our Bank is just starting to use BAM and it seems very good. We looked at Patriot Officer but found the annual renewal fees to be much higher than BAM. Both seem to be excellent systems. We use Miser, and BAM is compatible with that, which was a big reason for choosing them. Patriot offered us a discount because we would be their first Miser customer, but we didn't want to be the guinea pig.

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#628911 - 10/25/06 05:20 PM Re: Patriot Officer vs. "BAM"
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We are a FiServ/ITI bank as well and are going with Patriot Officer. There's been a delay in getting it since we don't have an on-line teller system at this time, but they have now developed an interface for banks that don't. We have training scheduled for the 1st week of November.

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