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#631411 - 10/30/06 09:11 PM New SAR form
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Has anyone gotten hold of the new SAR form referenced in the Federal Register in February of this year? Ken G. did a webinar recently where we learned about it, but I have not seen a .pfd version that didn't have the word "draft" stamped across the face. I can't find in on FinCEN's website either. If anyone knows where it is, please share. Thanks.

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#631412 - 10/30/06 09:19 PM Re: New SAR form
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I would also be interested in seeing this.
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#631413 - 10/30/06 08:26 PM Re: New SAR form
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If it isn't yet on the FinCEN website, it hasn't been finalized. There were several comments on the proposed changes (most were positive, as I recall), so there may be some further tweaks in the works.
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#631414 - 10/30/06 09:57 PM Re: New SAR form
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Last I heard this form would not be released until mid year 2007. Fincen was taking suggestions on it up until July of this year.

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#631415 - 11/01/06 01:58 PM Re: New SAR form
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At the ABA MLEC in Washington last month Michael Delucca from FinCEN indicated that the revised SAR should be published on December 4 and should be ready for use in February, 2007. Its use will be mandatory by August 1, 2007. In addition to a revised format, the form will include more detailed instructions and allow for "joint" filings by depositary institutions filing on the same fact situation.
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