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#639000 - 11/16/06 06:38 PM Pension Protection Act
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Three part question:
1. Do we have to send out amendment notices?
2. Is there a deadline for when they have to be sent?
3. If they have to be sent--will a blanket notice suffice?
(we had a salesman assure one of our personal bankers that they needed to go out by the end of the year, and by the way, how many did we want to order?) Thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
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#641356 - 11/22/06 06:01 PM Re: Pension Protection Act leolady
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Depends on what you are talking about - IRA docs or Qualified Plan docs? It also depends on what your document says? Do you use a prototype doc, a standard doc, or a non-standard doc?

Your best bet is to ask your legal counsel. Show him/her the document that you are currently using and be specific with your questions.

While the sales-person may be well-intentioned, he/she probably was looking mostly for a sale.

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