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#642617 - 11/27/06 08:30 PM Unemployment cards
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We have been recently seeing the use of NYS Unemployment cards, which can be used as a debit or ATM card. What is happening is customers that are getting unemployment are coming and withdrawing the money from the ATM...but if it is an odd amount, like $319.00, they w/d the $300 from the ATM and come in and request the rest in a cash advance.

Our current policy only allows for cash advances to be made when $50 or over. With that said however, because it is unemployment are we required to let them take the advance to get the rest of the funds?

These cards are a nightmare!
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#642948 - 11/28/06 02:33 PM Re: Unemployment cards J2C
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From what I understand, these are MasterCard Debit Cards. Holders of the card should be able to receive the balance on their card for no fee from MasterCard banks. Here's the NYS DOL Webpage that explains the program:

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