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#654742 - 12/20/06 04:00 PM Missing SSN
hollysiep Offline
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We aren't required to get SSN's for authorized Signers and POA's on accounts right?? Is there an easier way to note that they are only authorized signers and not account owners so that when we pull our list of names with missing SSN's, it won't include these names?

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#654812 - 12/20/06 04:52 PM Re: Missing SSN hollysiep
MagicCity Offline

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Technically, according to the USAPA, authorized signers and POAs are not the customer, but alot of banks have stated in their policy that all signers on accounts are considered a customer for CIP purposes.
If your policy states that your customer is only the primary entity then you will be okay with examiners.
All that was as a side note.

To answer your question, you would have to sort your accounts by Primary Name only or by Line 1, depending on what system you have.

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#655103 - 12/20/06 08:46 PM Re: Missing SSN MagicCity
cologirl@heart Offline
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I know for our bank, we try to get CIP info on all signers, so that someone doesn't slip through the cracks as already being on the system...
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#655139 - 12/20/06 09:08 PM Re: Missing SSN cologirl@heart
Becka Marr Offline
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Becka Marr
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I think MagicCity is right that you need to change the paramenters of whatever program you use to pull names, so that non-customers (authorized signer, POA, beneficiary, etc.) are not included.
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#655168 - 12/20/06 09:24 PM Re: Missing SSN Becka Marr
TXBSA Offline
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Is there some sort of user defined field in your system that is blank that you could possibly use to define these customers? This would give you a field to sort on.

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#655284 - 12/20/06 11:22 PM Re: Missing SSN hollysiep
Ted Dreyer Offline
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Ted Dreyer
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Keep in mind that the holder of a POA is the customer for CIP purposes if they open an account for a person who lacks legal capacity. In that case you would need their SSN.

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