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#64 - 11/18/00 05:47 AM CTR Inquiry Letters from IRS Detroit Computing Center

I regularly receive letters from the Detroit computing center about verification of the SS# or EIN number I have used on the CTRs that were filed by the bank. It appears that many of the numbers do not match the file that the IRS has on record. I have written to them several times to ask them to update their records, etc. but have never received a response. My question is, how can I verify a social security number or EIN other than what the customer or business provides when they sign up for an account? My bank is located in the western pacific (Guam and Saipan) and I wonder if our social security numbers and EIN numbers are different than everyone elses. I do not have access to any sort of data files or book from the IRS. Most of the numbers being questioned are those being used by legitimate businesses or non profit groups. Thanks for any response in this area.

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#65 - 11/20/00 03:14 PM Re: CTR Inquiry Letters from IRS Detroit Computing Center
Mary Beth Guard Offline
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Mary Beth Guard
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To verify a social security #, it helps to understand the underlying "code" for them. This page gives an explanation:
SS# Explanation

The area numbers assigned to the Philippine islands (which had its own area until 1973 or 1974)and to Guam were 586 and 587, according to the last information I have. That means that the first 3 numbers of an SSN that was supposedly issued there would be one of those two numbers. I profess ignorance about Saipan. (I need a globe!)

Beyond that, there are vendors who provide very sophisticated systems that are able spot clues that could indicate a social security number of EIN is fraudulent. These systems are very effective in reducing new account fraud.

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#66 - 12/09/00 04:33 PM Re: CTR Inquiry Letters from IRS Detroit Computing Center
Michele Petry Offline
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IRS Pub. 1281: Backup Withholding on Missing and Incorrect TINs at may help with your problem.

The publication explains IRS' matching process of the TIN and 4 alphanumeric characters from the taxpayers name. If you are filing your CTRs electronically, the problem could stem from how you are entering in the name of the business or if it is a sole proprietership with a dba or trade name.

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#67 - 12/11/00 01:13 PM Re: CTR Inquiry Letters from IRS Detroit Computing Center
John Burnett Offline
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John Burnett
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We have found that, particularly with new entities with brand new EINs, the IRS computing center in Detroit appears not to have updated (current) data in their files. We'd get back a warning that the number had never been issued; yet we had actually seen the number assignment letter from the IRS itself! We haven't seen the same sort of scenario when it comes to SSNs for individuals (not surprising, since virtually all native-born citizens have SSNs long before they ever cause a CTR to be filed!).

Anyhow, we often find that the messages from the IRS stop after about a month. I assume they ultimately receive an updated file from IRS-central, or whatever the EIN-issuing authority might be called.

John Burnett
Cape Cod Bank and Trust

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#68 - 12/11/00 10:09 PM Re: CTR Inquiry Letters from IRS Detroit Computing Center
JSD Offline
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We had a situation where the IRS was auditing an individual on the west coast (we are a bank on the east coast) and the IRS was indicating to the individual that they wanted to know about all the weekly cash deposits - she said I don't make cash deposits. To make a long story short the IRS data base from CTR reporting takes the EIN # (which is reported with a dash after the first two numbers) and it was reporting it in a SS# format i.e. 123-46-5678 v.s.
12-345678. So it was a business in NC that was making the cash deposit but the IRS was auditing an individual with the same numbers for her ss# as the EIN for the business.

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