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#66449 - 03/10/03 05:55 PM Safe Deposit Boxes
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I'm curious on normal procedures when a safe deposit box is closed and both customer keys are returned. What I'm wondering is if it is a usual practice to rent that box with the same keys that were turned in or is it rekeyed before renting it again?

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#66450 - 03/10/03 06:11 PM Re: Safe Deposit Boxes
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I think it greatly depends on bank policy. We do not rekey boxes when both keys are returned - primarily because of the time it would take to get someone here to rekey the boxes and the expense involved in doing so. I know, however, in many banks, that the standard policy is to rekey each time a box is surrendered.

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#66451 - 03/10/03 07:07 PM Re: Safe Deposit Boxes
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Our bank policy does not require us to rekey boxes either, when both keys are returned. There would be too much time and expense used.
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#66452 - 03/10/03 07:26 PM Re: Safe Deposit Boxes
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I think you'd have to evaluate the risk vs. cost. What are the chances of a person coming in with a key to a re-rented box that had been closed and not re-keyed and being granted access? If all procedures have been followed in verifying identity, I would think the risk would be minimal.
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#66453 - 03/10/03 07:51 PM Re: Safe Deposit Boxes
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We wait until we have a few empty boxes and then switch the locks ourselves. That way we save the expense of a locksmith but when the box is rented again it has different keys.

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#66454 - 03/10/03 08:29 PM Re: Safe Deposit Boxes
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We would actually use the same keys until the locks are scheduled to be rotated at our next drilling schedule, which is once a year.

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