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#664657 - 01/11/07 03:20 PM Compliance Risk Assessment
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I'm conducting a compliance risk assessment for the first time, just wondering if any bankers out there would be willing to share information regarding the content, format, and process of developing this risk assessment? Thanks.

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#664905 - 01/11/07 06:03 PM Re: Compliance Risk Assessment complygirl
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If you PM me with your email I can send you a copy of what I use.

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#665603 - 01/12/07 05:00 PM Re: Compliance Risk Assessment CSB98
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I recently completed a comprehensive risk assessment, thus compliance was only a small part of the whole, but I used Excel for my matrix.

For compliance, I had two sections -- one for Deposit / Operations / Administration regulations such as ACH/NACHA, CRA, Reg E, Reg C, etc. and the other for Lending regulations such as Reg AA, Reg B, Reg Z, etc.

Each of these reg items, I rated based on six risk categories -- credit risk, market risk, operational risk, funding/liquidity risk, legal & reputation risk , and compliance risk.

Each category was given a weight based on its relative importance and rated 3, 6, or 9 for low, medium, or high risk. And the weighted-risk average was calculated and shown on the far right column.

I also included a narrative portion which presented an overview of the risk assessment process, explained the methodology I used and provided some specific details on what activities or concerns that resulted in the numbers that were expressed on the matrix.

This is all a bit complicated to picture I'm sure. I can send you a copy of my template if interested.


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#669344 - 01/22/07 01:35 PM Re: Compliance Risk Assessment ESK
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complygirl, PM me your email address as well, I can send you what I have.
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