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#666360 - 01/16/07 02:25 PM Changing Hours of Operation
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You Busy?
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We are looking to reduce the hours of operation at one of our banch locations. I understand there are no federal regulations that require attention prior to this happening - but is anyone aware of any NYS Banking Regulation/Law that requires 30 day notice prior to change or any other NYS requirement that would be effected by this?
Any assistance is greately appreciated.

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#667701 - 01/18/07 01:34 PM Re: Changing Hours of Operation You Busy?
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I had asked this very question a few months ago to our consultant and was told that a letter to the NYS Banking Department should be sent as well as to your regulators. There is no specific NYS law that mandates the notification. We did place inside posters 30 days prior to the change. We felt is was a customer service issue and that it was best if we notified.
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#1230053 - 08/10/09 12:57 PM Re: Changing Hours of Operation Trips3
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In the past I have done as dhfs suggests above. There may be a requirement, but I'd have to search for it. Two somewhat related regulatory requirements come to mind: 1) the NYS requirement to provide the NYSBD w/a list of ATM locations (we used to include the hours of operation); and don't forget to update your CRA Public File (which also contains a list of branch locations, services, and hours of operation.

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