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#676078 - 01/31/07 12:02 AM Re: Just wondering #Just Jay
Bunky Offline
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work at a bank..have for 3 years...I'm just glad we dont have to call our customers "members" !!!! hahah thats funny

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#676083 - 01/31/07 12:15 AM Re: Just wondering Bunky
Zorg Enterprises Offline
Zorg Enterprises
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Dallas, TX
I used to work for MBNA here in Dallas, and we had to call customers "Customers" with a capital C. Then I came to this bank and the same rule was enacted a few months ago. I've always thought that it is kind of strange.
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#676092 - 01/31/07 02:16 AM Re: Just wondering Zorg Enterprises
The Incredible ComplyGuy Offline
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The Incredible ComplyGuy
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#676093 - 01/31/07 02:17 AM Re: Just wondering Zorg Enterprises
ThePaul Offline
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Dallas, TX
Heh mbna didn't call anything by its "normal" name... training was "education", and employees were "people" to name a couple.. I used to work there too :-)
What dpt. were you in zorg?
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#676094 - 01/31/07 02:27 AM Re: Just wondering ThePaul
slubgob Offline
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Bank here, for six years this october.

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#676116 - 01/31/07 12:54 PM Re: Just wondering slubgob
TINKerBell Offline
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I work in a Community Bank and the atmosphere is great. After working for large banks for 10+ years, this is a refreshing change.
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