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#676018 - 01/30/07 10:31 PM Re: What is everyone doing for SuperBowl Sunday???? Miscuit
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Watching the BEARS beat the snot out of th Colts.

Oh ya drinking plenty of Beer........

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#676069 - 01/30/07 11:33 PM Re: What is everyone doing for SuperBowl Sunday???? bubs63
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Well, since the Steelers aren't playing, my hubbie and I will probably go to the movies for the afternoon to miss the hours of "hype" and get home in time to watch the game and cheer for the Bears!! GO BEARS!!! We will do that in our living room, alone again (naturally ) and if I manage to get to the store, I'll make something exciting like Chili and have chips and dip and ice tea. Boy do I know how to party!!!!
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#676075 - 01/30/07 11:48 PM Re: What is everyone doing for SuperBowl Sunday???? corkygirl
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I had no idea who was playing in the SuperBowl, I had to check the website. LOL

We don't watch football regularly, but it's a great excuse to have a party. Some of our friends like the game, some like to commercials, all of them like the food and laughs, so it makes for a good time.
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#676086 - 01/31/07 12:24 AM Re: What is everyone doing for SuperBowl Sunday???? Snow Bunny
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Originally Posted By: Pooh
Originally Posted By: Nascar
Son is having party, wants me to help, need some ideas...

Shannon -
I'm doing quick and easy - lots of finger foods: wings, nachos with cheese, cheese, pepperoni, nuts, seasoned pretzels, pickles, olives, beverages. In the past, we've done hoagies, pizza, shrimp. Just keep it simple so you're not stuck in the kitchen the whole time and you get to enjoy the game.

I like having one dish that is substantial (like subs, chili, chicken, lasagne, etc.) so that people coming directly from work have a good meal on board before imbibing. Then lots and lots of finger foods (nacho dip in a mini crock, chicken bites, 8 layer nacho dip, fruit and cheese platters, airpopper with a supply of popcorn on hand, etc.). Just make sure that you have lots of food that doesn't require much human intervention during the actual game.

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#676095 - 01/31/07 02:32 AM Re: What is everyone doing for SuperBowl Sunday???? RVFlyboy
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I'll be eating chicken wings rooting for the Colts, but I won't be upset if the Bears win. I just hope it's a close game.

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