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#681207 - 02/06/07 08:36 PM Identifying PEPs
A D Virr Offline
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I have done a risk assessment on PEPs. The CSRs ask the account applicant if they have any relatives that are involved in foreign government capacity. That's all well and good procedure but we have no list to compare the account applicant against when doing our due diligence. Any suggestions?
Allan D. Virr, CRCM,CRP
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#681599 - 02/07/07 01:55 PM Re: Identifying PEPs A D Virr
Hrothgar Geiger Offline
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Hrothgar Geiger
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There isn't 'a list'. We use a service, and there are a number out there; worldcheck is one, there are others.

They'll tell you if the person you're inquiring about, might be a PEP, you still have to apply some reason to determine if the finding is reasonable.

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#681620 - 02/07/07 02:17 PM Re: Identifying PEPs A D Virr
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I think this thread will help. AR.

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