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#686635 - 02/14/07 03:22 PM Employee Account Review
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I am the sole internal auditor for a bank that just reached the 500m in assets mark. I have been asked by our Audit Committee to review Employee Accounts. Does anyone have an audit program or procedures they are willing to share? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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#686671 - 02/14/07 03:36 PM Re: Employee Account Review txgal, CRCM
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This is part of the program that we use. The most important part is to ensure the employees are not performing transactions on their own accounts, acccounts they may be joint on, or that they are not getting preferential treatment. A good example would be that you see on an employees statment that they had been shopping when they were still on the clock. Also, we are required to review all accounts of our board and supervisory members for our external yearly reviews.

1. Obtain a current employee listing from Human Resources. Add the names of officials if necessary.

2. Ensure that the employee is restricted under their user number from all accounts where he/she is primary or joint.

3. Select a sample of employees/officials names. Document the selection method used.

4. For the audit period, obtain the statements of accounts in which the employees/official from step 3 is the primary or joint owner.

5. Review the account statements for the following:

a. Overdrawn Accounts (NSF activity- failure to charge overdraft fees or holding drafts in suspense in order to clear)
b. Loan Manipulation (preferential interest rates or employee loans not payroll deducted)
c. Journal Voucher Transfers (theft of member shares, general ledger theft, or unauthorized transfers)
d. Other (excessive deposits, large deposits, unauthorized withdraws, kiting, or unusual activity)
e. All loans on official accounts (preferential interest rates or not approved by the Loan Appeals Committee or Board of Directors).

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#686672 - 02/14/07 03:37 PM Re: Employee Account Review txgal, CRCM
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PM me your bank email and I will send you some stuff. Also, have you tried auditnet, they have audit programs for just about everything.

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#686714 - 02/14/07 04:00 PM Re: Employee Account Review Reed
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Also, try a search using the search function. This topic has been discussed multiple times here and I beleive in the HR forum...
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