Looking for any required advertising language pertaining to reverse mortgages. We are looking to place generic informational ad only which states, "Homeowners 62 years and older are eligible, No credit or income qualification is necessary, No out-of-pocket costs, No monthly payments, You retain ownership of property, Funds can be taken in form of lump sum, fixed monthly payments, a line of credit, or a combination of these, Available line of credit grows every year, and Money can be used in any way the owner chooses after paying off any existing Mortgage(s) or other liens." We also identify that the product is HUD approved and that if the value of your home drops or the Reverse Mtg exceeds the value, HUD insures the mortgage.

Considering no specific terms or triggering terms are identified, I believe we only need the Equal Housing Lender logo but not quite sure. Any guidance is appreciated.