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#70665 - 03/28/03 09:42 PM microcomputer

I apologize upfront for not being a "techi". With that said, what is a microcomputer? I am working on an EDP audit program and there is a section for microcomputer. From reading the questions, I can't decide what a microcomputer exactly is. THanks

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#70666 - 03/28/03 11:08 PM Re: microcomputer
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Microcomputer was a term at one time used to describe a PC. In some cases like state audit exams I have seen the term for microcomputer in place of PC. So microcomputer=PC=Workstation=terminal. Hope that helps.

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#70667 - 03/29/03 12:14 AM Re: microcomputer
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Historically, "computers" were typically IBM mainframes. Many cost more than a million.

Then, "mini-computers" like DEC took over the low end, down to $100,000.

Finally, "microcomputers" happened at one thousandth of the mainframe price tag.

Just to keep you on your toes, the next generation is even smaller - "nano-technology".
Regards, CarlD

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#70668 - 03/29/03 03:47 AM Re: microcomputer
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I believe the OCC still has valid bulletins addressing the need for microcomputer policies. When our PCs were referred to this way laptops were new and took two laps to hold them with their small screens, hefty weight and big disk drives.

Those were the days.
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