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#709787 - 04/02/07 02:28 PM CTR Question
CRice Offline
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If a couple comes into our bank at a different time during the day and each make an $11,000.00 deposit into their separate accounts would we need to file a CTR based on the fact they are married? Keeping in mind they are not on each others account.

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#709789 - 04/02/07 02:29 PM Re: CTR Question CRice
Skittles Offline
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Are the deposits in cash? If so, you would do two CTRs for $11,000 cash each.
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#709806 - 04/02/07 02:43 PM Re: CTR Question Skittles
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Right but would we combine them together, lets say they were both under 10,000.00 in cash? Would we comine the two and file a CTR based on the fact they are married? Would that be a case where they would both benefit from the funds and require the two accounts to be combined for a CTR?

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#709810 - 04/02/07 02:51 PM Re: CTR Question CRice
#Just Jay Offline
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#Just Jay
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Ignore the fact that they are married.

You said separate accounts...are they individual accounts, or joint accounts used separately?

Either way, I agree with Skittles, assuming these are in cash, two separate CTR's each for $11k.

I would consider possibly listing them on the same CTR for the total of $22k if they are joint on one of the two accounts involved in the transaction, but I think I still prefer two CTR's in this case.
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#709811 - 04/02/07 02:52 PM Re: CTR Question CRice
straw Offline
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Are they owners of each account? If so, I would file on CTR, listing both deposits and both account numbers.

If they are not owners on each account, I would file separate CTR's.

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#709861 - 04/02/07 03:51 PM Re: CTR Question straw
TXBSA Offline
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If each deposit was under 10k by itself and the husband and wife are not signers on each others accounts I would say that no CTR is warrented.

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