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#719144 - 04/20/07 04:20 AM The Guppy
O Poeta Offline
O Poeta
Joined: Jan 2005
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The Guppy

Whales have calves,
Cats have kittens,
Bears have cubs,
Bats have bittens,
Swans have cygnets,
Seals have puppies,
But guppies just have little guppies.

Ogden Nash

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#719166 - 04/20/07 12:26 PM Re: The Guppy O Poeta
kitten Offline
10K Club
Joined: Jul 2006
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Not prison
did you just make this up??
I shall call you Thunder Twonk. ~TfD

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#719167 - 04/20/07 12:27 PM Re: The Guppy kitten
Retired DQ Offline
10K Club
Retired DQ
Joined: Dec 2002
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Turnpike Exit 10
No, it is an Ogden Nash poem.
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain

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#719218 - 04/20/07 01:43 PM Re: The Guppy Retired DQ
Sinatra Fan Offline
Power Poster
Sinatra Fan
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New Jersey
Reflections on Icebreaking

Candy is dandy,
But liquour is quicker.

Ogden Nash
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Peter Drucker

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#719370 - 04/20/07 03:40 PM Re: The Guppy Sinatra Fan
Bailey. Offline
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Candy is dandy,
But liquour is quicker.

-Willy Wonka

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#719461 - 04/20/07 04:43 PM Re: The Guppy Bailey.
MB Guy Offline
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Joined: May 2004
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Way, way south.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a lobotomy.
- Unknown.
Giddy up.

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#719573 - 04/20/07 06:07 PM Re: The Guppy MB Guy
califgirl Offline
Diamond Poster
Joined: Mar 2002
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The O.C., California
frontal lobotomy
I can explain it to you. I can't understand it for you.

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