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#719769 - 04/20/07 08:06 PM Pandemic Scenario Disaster Recovery Test
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Our Bank is gearing up to do a disaster recovery test. We are planning to have a pandemic outbreak for our test. Does anyone have a Pandemic scenario they would be willing to share?

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Disaster Recovery
#723155 - 04/27/07 02:56 PM Re: Pandemic Scenario Disaster Recovery Test MK
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#726474 - 05/03/07 08:43 PM Re: Pandemic Scenario Disaster Recovery Test MK
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Here is what I used for my last BCP test:

A pandemic flu outbreak has struck the Midwest. Businesses are experiencing a 25% reduction in force due to direct illness of employees, as well as an additional 10% reduction in force due to fear or the need to care for family members, for a total reduction in force of 35%. Those employees who are able to work are concerned about the possibility of contracting the flu by being at work, particularly those with customer contact positions. It is expected that the 35% reduction in force will last for three weeks.
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#726849 - 05/04/07 02:55 PM Re: Pandemic Scenario Disaster Recovery Test Rubaiyat
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"...Somewhere in Middle Americ...
Last year, there were outbreaks of mumps on the local campuses. We used that as a scenario.

The first thing we had to consider was the quarantine of 90% of teller staff at three locations. Not good.

Next to go were the family members of workers or students at local colleges. Colleges were issuing stmts that they were to be quarantined in 2 weeks.

People with infants/toddlers weren't wanting to come in to be exposed to our teller staff.

All true - - - - Now, it didn't get that bad. Colleges started vaccinating. Staff was missing to get shots, etc though. But it was a good scenario to use.

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#742135 - 05/30/07 02:01 PM Re: Pandemic Scenario Disaster Recovery Test Cornfed Turtle
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Can we learn anything from the TB story now unfolding in Atlanta? One thing that's interesting/startling is that the media has not/will not show[n] a photo of the person with TB, probably due to HIPAA/privacy concerns, as well as potential concerns for that person's safety. I just wonder whether this story might reveal some legal/regulatory considerations that haven't been mentioned in various pandemic scenarios....
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