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#733266 - 05/16/07 04:00 PM No physical address
mzachau, CRCM Offline
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mzachau, CRCM
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Our customer has sold their home and is planning on traveling in their motor home for a period of time (They do not have a set date when they will reside at a physical address). They hold a PO Box but no physical address. what alternate info. can we obtain from them to be compliant?

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#733287 - 05/16/07 04:10 PM Re: No physical address mzachau, CRCM
i*sam Offline
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Any description which might attempt to point out where they are. Do they have a plan of where they are going? Maybe document their tentative travel plans.

Also, document the residence address of a trusted family memeber. This will be a permanent address of someone who should know the couple's whereabouts and may help with locating them if needed.

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#733288 - 05/16/07 04:10 PM Re: No physical address mzachau, CRCM
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What about a nearest realtive to you.

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